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The Billing Solutions team is aware of the new and upcoming changes in the near future for the medical billing world and are prepared to get you on the right track.

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Our medical billing services extend through the entire revenue cycle. While other companies require the client to do some of the legwork, Billing Solutions personally takes on tasks like credentialing, enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and more. We also advise practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on the front-end; thus, saving costs that might otherwise accumulate on the back-end.



We’ll work with software system you prefer. We have years of experience with many practice management platforms and most Electronic Health Record platforms. Thus, no need to change your current system. However, if you’d like to make a change, we’re happy to recommend software platforms to fit your specific needs. If you’d prefer to not use a software platform, that’s fine too. Many of our clients still mail or securely email us their superbills.

customer focused

customer focused

Serving our clients to the best of our ability, will always be our primary focus. Each Valletta client has a team of employees, dedicated to serving his or her specific billing needs. If clients have issues or questions, they can call us directly and speak to an employee with individual knowledge of their account. All of our employees work in-house at our offices in Birmingham, Alabama, so someone familiar with your account is always available.

Checks & Balances

Our system has numerous checks and balances to ensure that every charge is captured for submission to insurance, every claim is followed up, and errors are greatly reduced.

Boutique Experience

Not dependent on 1-2 employees to key charges, submit claims, track audit trails, post payments, pursue delinquent claims, or answer patient billing questions.

Front-End Advice

We offer front-end office advice, concerning patient engagement and information collection, which allows the physician billing cycle to run more efficiently from beginning to end.

Daily Audits

We provide a proven process of charge-capture and payment reconciliation, ensuring an accurate and transparent billing system for hospital and/or practice staff.

Systematic Expertise

Our staff has decades of medical billing experience. Operational staff members conduct weekly internal audits and share collective knowledge and ensure cohesiveness.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

We are always available to answer specific billing questions. Since multiple staff members work each account, there’s always someone available to you.


billing solutions llc

We were established by Selina Mattos, a working professional who has been directly involved in all aspects of the medical billing and collections industry, with a total of over 25 years of experience.

We are familiar with all insurance types of billing. This includes Medicare, HMSA, Medicaid, Quest, Commercial, Tricare, VA, Work-Comp, No-Fault, and more.

Let us help you save time and money!


medical billing

Our medical billing services extend from the very beginning to the very end of the revenue cycle. Clinicians deserve the option to choose what services they need.


As the application processes vary by payer and are frequently burdensome to a practice’s staff, Billing Solutions will manage initial and ongoing credentialing with the appropriate payers in the practice region.


Billing Solutions keeps several certified expert coders on staff for such clients. On top of that, we partner with The Coding Network to ensure optimal coding services for larger practices and groups.

Charge Entry

Our charge-entry team enters charges on a daily basis, with checks in place to ensure that each patient encounter is captured for submission to the appropriate payer. We offer and encourage the use of a verification process for this purpose.

Claim Submission

Clean information in, clean information out. Why wait 2-3 weeks for a denial on a claim that could have been anticipated? With a combination of human expertise and industry standard software we ensue acceptance and make claim corrections.

Payment Posting

The ERA’s and Remittance Notices are heavily scrutinized by our Payment Posting Team and our software to ensure appropriate payment. If there is a remaining balance on a claim or a claim is denied, it becomes the responsibility of our expert Accounts Receivable team.

Accounts Receivable & Claims Appeals

Billing Solutions utilizes processes on the front end of the medical billing cycle to limit the number of claims that are denied or underpaid. Our experienced Accounts Receivable specialists are trained to identify the appropriate response to the varied denials that arise.

Patient Collections

Clean information in, clean information out. Why wait 2-3 weeks for a denial on a claim that could have been anticipated? With a combination of human expertise and industry standard software we ensue acceptance and make claim corrections.

Patient Inquiries

Billing Solutions has dedicated representatives on our toll-free Patient Help Line to respond to any question a patient may have about his/her statement. Each statement explicitly informs the patient to contact Billing Solutions with any questions and concerns.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Billing Solutions strives to provide ample data in a clear concise format, so that each practice can make informed decisions concerning its growth and practice patterns. Toward that end, we offer daily transaction logs, or custom monthly reports.

See your revenue soar to record levels!

The important thing is for the billing company to listen to their clients and serve them in the manner they’re looking for. We listen. We make it simple. We increase revenue.