Medical Billing Options for Physicians

We truly listen to the needs of our physicians and shape specific billing and reporting systems to meet those needs.


Our medical billing services extend through the entire revenue cycle. While other companies require the client to do some of the legwork, Billing Solutions LLC personally takes on tasks like credentialing, enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and more. We also advise practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on the front-end; thus, saving costs that might otherwise accumulate on the back-end.


Serving our clients to the best of our ability, will always be our primary focus. Each Billing Solutions client has a team dedicated to serving his or her specific billing needs. If clients have issues or questions, they can call us directly and speak to a team member with individual knowledge of their account.

We are known for saving you time and money!

Industry-Leading Accuracy

Industry-Leading Accuracy

We have an above average net collection rate. This means that Billing Solutions’ clients collect more in revenue than most medical providers. When comparing RCM services, a high collection rate is a critical element to consider. In fact, it is more important than price in terms of maximizing provider revenue.

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Advanced Payment Model Guidance

Advanced Payment Model Guidance

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care, Billing Solutions is committed to ensuring easy transitions for its clients. We closely monitor policy developments and provide our physicians with detailed explanations, so they understand what actions are required, avoiding costly reimbursement penalties. 

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Straight-Forward Data Analytics

Straight-Forward Data Analytics

As a company that exclusively specializes in revenue cycle management services, we are focused and committed to providing clear, useful data to our clients. We thoroughly examine data, recognize patterns, and communicate strategies for improvement to our clients, on their preferred timetable.

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full-service medical billing

We offer solutions for every stage of the revenue cycle.

Selina Mattos
Selina Mattos Owner/CEO
Selina has been involved in all aspect of the medical billing, coding, collections and compliance industry since 1983.


Effective billing cannot be automated.

Effective billing cannot be automated. It requires real-time, human knowledge and persistence. It requires a watchful, tenacious team that will recognize and solve problems as they arise.

Our system has numerous checks and balances to ensure that every charge is captured for submission to insurance, every claim is followed up, and errors are greatly reduced. 

We offer front-end office advice, concerning patient engagement and information collection, which allows the physician billing cycle to run more efficiently from beginning to end. We also pinpoint coding and filing errors and then educate practice staff on any necessary adjustments. This cuts costs by lowering the occurrence of denied and underpaid claims.

See your revenue soar to record levels!

The important thing is for the billing company to listen to their clients and serve them in the manner they’re looking for. We listen. We make it simple. We increase revenue.